Reclaim Your DreamsAn Uncommon Guide to Living on Your Own Terms by Jonathan Mead

Who needs another self development book? Perhaps it’s time for a fresh, unconventional approach.

Reclaim Your Dreams

Reclaim Your Dreams

There is nothing like seeing and hearing the dreams of your grand children. Talk about getting a person to look back and reflect on all the dreams you had over the years.

When children dream, anything is possible. Something happens to most of us as we grow older and further away from those innocent days of childhood. We seem to lose sight of our dreams, we fall in line and live our comfortable little lives.

Are you stuck in a rut? Are you stuck in a dead end job, or having trouble getting your internet marketing business, or any business to the next level? Are you happy with where you are in life? Yea, I know, too many deep questions. Ready to reclaim your dreams?

But seriously, at the very least, ask yourself this one: how have all those self help books and courses worked out for you? Quite frankly, in my opinion, most of them just plain suck. Most of them just try to teach how to mask the real reasons why we struggle to achieve our goals.

What the hell happened to our dreams?

“Life is what happens while we are busy making other plans” – John Lennon wrote that many years ago. The phrase still rings true today. We go through life with big plans when we are young, then things start to change as we get older. We have responsibilities, families, children and some of us have grand children or even great grand children. Hard to believe we were once young and free to have big dreams. Who ever said that we had to lose sight of our dreams? Have you realized all of your dreams?

Sure, some of our childhood dreams change as we grow older, some become even bigger. We had the world by the stones when we were young, didn’t we? We had all the answers too, our 14 year old granddaughter sure knows everything, just ask her. Reclaim your dreams can help us get our stones back.

Self help books stack up and go nowhere

One thing I’ve never lost sight of is my dreams, though they sometimes get pushed to the back of the line. Let’s face it, life happens, thanks for pointing that out John. We try to keep our dreams alive, read self help books, listen to self help tapes. Maybe even try using subliminal techniques in an effort to trick our minds into finding whatever success we seek. Sound familiar?

While some of the self help products on the market may work, much of it is pure crap. Rehashed, repackaged and resold as some new breakthrough to help us reclaim our dreams or reach our big goals.

Jonathan MeadUnconventional wisdom from an unconventional source

Jonathan breaks onto the scene with his take on self development. As a grandpa, I have to say that Jonathan is beyond his years when it come to wisdom and I have even written him to say so. His style of writing and views on the subject of self development are refreshing.

Rather than a one size fits all approach, Jonathan goes after the root of the problem and shows you how to find the answers that fit you. “The point of living is to enjoy life” says Jonathan. Think about that for a moment, do you wake up energized and looking forward to the life? Or do you hit the snooze bar on the alarm, dreading another day of the same old stuff.

In part one of the book, Jonathan pulls no punches and goes into great detail on why we are who we are. The brainwashing we all endure and why we get in our own way when it comes to our dreams. Going right to the root of the problems we all face with detailed explanations on how we fall into the typical traps. Jonathan nails down all the reasons why many of us get stuck.

For me, Reclaim Your Dreams – An Uncommon Guide to Living on Your Own Terms, really is uncommon. By taking on the roots for why we are who we are, Jonathan makes it clear how to make the corrections needed to live life on our terms. His blunt, straight to the point writing style makes the book fun to read. Part one goes right for the jugular and shows how to overcome the mental obstacles that get in the way. Time to stop falling in line with what is expected and become who we are really meant to be.

Part one teaches us why, part two dives right into how to make your dreams a reality

Jonathan Mead says “You’ll need to learn to stop living life based on a pre-made template and start following your own path.” Then he goes on to show how to find your own path. He acknowledges that we are all unique and there is not a one size fits all manual. I think this is where many of the other self help books and courses fall short.

Reclaim Your Childhood Dreams

Reclaim Your Dreams

So how many books on achieving your goals or dreams are in your stack? Perhaps it’s time to break the mold and go for a little unconventional wisdom.
Instead of the same old template based steps that never seem to fit. Creating your own road map that is specifically designed for you seems a better way to a better life. Jonathan walks you through a series of exercises and provides the tools needed to create your own plan.

Stand up, dust yourself off, and reclaim your dreams again!

Reading Reclaim Your Dreams and going through the exercises is a bit like opening all the doors that have been slammed shut over the years. Life becomes very bright when all the doors are open.

Jonathan Mead says:

We’ve been conditioned to believe that we need to keep our heads down and follow a template for living.

It goes something like this: Go to school, go to college, find a job that you kind of like (but really don’t), get married, have some kids, save for retirement, and slowly give up.

As a grandpa with four beautiful granddaughters, I’ll say it again, Jonathan Mead is wise beyond his years. Pick up your own copy of Reclaim Your Dreams and see for yourself. Reclaim Your Dreams changes the game!

John Stiles (grandpa)


Retiring Pay Per Click

by John Stiles

Yep, not a typo! At least semi retiring from pay per click marketing.

Quite frankly, I’m having way too much fun building a virtual niche site empire. With the freedom to build sites on any subject I choose, tap into natural search engine traffic, it’s much more set and forget than using pay per click. Done right, the free traffic can be very good too.

While the focus on paid traffic was very lucrative and a great learning experience, it really wasn’t all that fun for me. There is more to business than making money, having fun and more freedom come to mind. Buying traffic will always be part of the mix, just not to the degree that it once was.

With so many directions to take in building an internet marketing business, it pays to find a good fit for your own personality. My take away from all the experiences is that focus is a key ingredient to success. Focus on one technique, follow it through to the end. Then take a good long look at what you learned along the way and decide if that is the business model you want to follow going forward.

Life can help decide the right direction for you

In my case, nothing like a family crisis to get me to evaluate the path I was on and my chosen business model. We’ll leave that story for another time, shall we.

Far too often, I’ve seen people jump around from one hot idea to the next, without seeing any of them through to the end. Hell, I’ve been guilty of that, I think most people have to some degree. You only know what fits your personality if you see it through, all the way to profit or not. Complete whatever system or business model with total focus, only then will you know for sure if it was a good fit or not.

Look for some change in direction here in the future. In case you haven’t noticed, the products showcased on this site have been shifting away from pay per click. Simply because I enjoy creating niche marketing sites more.

Find your focus…

John Stiles


Our Son will be missed

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Using mind maps to expand on our gathered ideas is an extremely powerful method to turn our ideas into products or new businesses. I recently had my world turned upside down, when I saw how the guru marketers do it.

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WordPress marketing sites made easy with mind maps. With the popularity of Word Press, managing multiple niche marketing sites becomes simple with mind maps.

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Success with Participation

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Success with participation is not that tough, it all starts with all of us participating in the markets we want to get into. Hiding behind user names or just lurking behind the scenes will not get any of us anywhere. We all have something to contribute, don’t be shy, toss out what you think and see what sticks.

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